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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A butcher, a baker....

While well on it's way to being a modern neighbourhood, Danforth East still has those original hallmarks of what makes a great community: a butcher for fresh meat, a baker for fresh bread and although we do not have a candlemaker, we do have an honest-to-goodness cobbler.

Located at the north-east corner of Monarch Park and Danforth, you may recognize this non-descript shoe repair shop as the window with all the old shoes piled up in it (right next to Sam's barber shop). It's musty and small, and a throwback to an early era on Danforth, but well worth checking it out.

The other day, Pioneer dropped off a pair of high-heeled boots that were potentially broken beyond repair. We could have hugged the gentleman behind the counter, who gave us a positive shoe diagnoses: our precious footwear had a broken shank and for $20 he would replace it and give the boots new rubber soles as well.

Although it took a week to get them back, when I did have them in hand, they were fixed to perfection with no sign of any tampering. Pioneer gives this one a big thumbs up for local footwear repair and for deals you don't have to leave the neighbourhood for!


  1. Is that Wilford Brimley in the picture?

  2. Sweet! I walked by there a few weeks ago and wondered how they were...I have about 6 pairs of heels that need re-tipping. Now I know where to go!