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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How does your garden grow?

When it comes to having a green thumb, yours truly has two thumbs. Sort of like how I've never been able to bake a cake, I've also never really been able to keep plants alive. However, now that I've got a little piece of land to call my own, I think that it's time to start getting into the gardening groove.

Although this past Saturday morning was drizzly and grey, I decided to head on over to the new Reeves Garden Centre at 999 Danforth Ave (at Donlands) to pick up some shrubs and easy-to-keep-alive plants.

Perusing the aisles of flowers, I was a little overwhelmed by the great selection, but a friendly pink-shirted gardening ambassador was only too eager to assist a bumbling newbie gardener. She took the time to explain to me how to plant shrubs and what grows best in shade (luckily, Hydrangea is my favourite flower!).

Although parking and getting the plants to the car was dicey (scurrying across Danforth with potted plants is not easy on a Saturday morning), it seemed that there was no shortage of "helpers" at the front entrance to assist with loading and unloading. As an added bonus, my new Reeves' "client card" gives me cash points every time I purchase something, which means that if I kill my plants, it won't hurt the wallet quite so much!

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