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Friday, May 14, 2010

Danforth East debut on the small screen

Cool news of the day:
Did anyone catch CBS filming at the Bus Terminal restaurant yesterday afternoon?
I missed it, but I bet we'll all be keeping an eye out for the 'Flashpoint' episode to air on CTV, which will be featuring our lovely breakfast joint in one of their crime scene investigations!

Fish Tales:
On another note, thank you to all the readers who suggested Happy Sushi.
They are amazing! Although the salad was downright soggy, the rolls were huge and delicious. Fresh tuna was the special of the day, and it was excellent. DH was over-the-moon, which is all I can ask for.

Treat of the week:
I swung by the new bakery at Woodbine and Danforth last week, the one with the old sign saying "Coffee, Coffee". I don't know how to express my delight, but let me just say that the powdered shortbread cookie I bought for junior pioneer and myself to share (yes, I let my kid have cookies before dinner, ha!) was the best I've EVER had in my life. Melt in your mouth sweetness, moist and soft, with the perfect amount of powered sugar as icing. My vote for treat of the week!

The baklava in the photo below was also divine: not too much chocolate, and not too sweet....perfect!


  1. Wow. Nice pictures from the new cafe/bakery. Do they make all that stuff on site?

  2. Yep, I think so! I saw a couple of baker-type characters in aprons in the back carrying trays of goodies around.

  3. The two sisters that own the bakery are so friendly. From what I remember, they bake everything on-site. I've had yummy spinach and feta turnovers, cinnamon buns, breads, pizza. It's a great addition to the neighbourhood.

  4. try the cherry (and blueberry) vanilla strudel next. It's divine!!! - from someone who thought they'd had their fill of strudel.

  5. I finally went there the other day. Everything I got was awesome. I really recommend the baklava. I had the one Sarah mentioned with chocolate on top, and I had one with poppy seeds that was incredible, too.