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Monday, April 19, 2010

Wood-n't It Be Nice....

Pioneer readers may recall from previous musings that my life on Danforth East should be subtitled "This Old House". A common refrain from many of you I'm sure, who have embraced the challenge of a century old home. While it drives DH a little crazy, yours truly loves to find weekend projects so in the spirit of spring, this past weekend Pioneer tackled some hefty power tools.

Our backyard had a makeover last summer - ok, it was more like reconstructive surgery - but the rear fence/trellis structure was essentially just a decaying causeway for wayward raccoons, so down it came.

In the process of building the most beautiful trellis in the world - yes, I can now use "nailing strip" and "mitre saw" in the same sentence - I discovered a local gem!

Home Depot is great for many things, but if you're looking for customer service, Danforth Lumber on Dawes is a great alternative if you want that "local hardware" store feel. DH likes their bulk bin section - if you're in the mood for steel that is. Buying nails in bulk is kind of retro cool. And before I had even really finished scooping, the guy behind the counter had already calculated the cost on a half pound of 3" nails.

Essentially, instead of perusing long aisles of lumber put on display by marketing geniuses, you put your  order in at the counter, then head out to the yard and the guys get it for you. They'll even put it in your car for you!

Now, if only I could buy shoes this way.....



  1. Wintact building supplies, just under the train tracks on Coxwell south of Danforth is also a pretty good local lumberyard. Always friendly and well stocked when I've been needing that odd piece of lumber or hardware.

  2. Oh, I agree!! DH needed something like exactly 4 red bricks that matched the side of our house and they had a whole stack of old bricks (probably from tear downs around the hood) that were a perfect fit and only a couple of bucks each.