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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shamrocks and Leprechauns

It's only fitting that the name of the band playing this weekend in the 'hood for Patty's Day is called the "Shenanigans", a favourite word of my half-Irish Catholic mother who basically applied it to anyone or anything conducting any form of mischief. If one was to want to get into some mischief, Patty's Day is the day that revelers can get away with perhaps acting a bit raucous, all in honour of the man who led the snakes from the Emerald Isle.

If you can find a sitter for the kids and have a chance to get out on Saturday night, I would highly recommend grabbing a pint at Taps & Tales and then heading over to LucSculpture on Greenwood for some foot-stompin' Celtic music.

Last St. Pat's day, I hit up the Seanachai (pronounced Shawn-ah-key) - a "real" Irish pub further west of Greenwood - for an afternoon cider (I was on mat leave, and yes, they let babies into the bar). It was a nice laid back vibe. I asked the lone, acoustic guitarist to play my favourite but rarely heard Irish folk song "The Orange and the Green" and surprisingly, he had the sheet music and knew the words. A+!

I'll leave you with something funny I heard this week: Irish comedian Tommy Tiernan says "You know you've been drinking the Irish beer Harp when your night starts out in fine form.....and then you suddenly come to, and you're standing over your cousin with a shovel." 


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