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Monday, March 15, 2010

Calling my Bluff

This past weekend wasn't exactly the picture perfect weekend for getting outside and enjoying the neighbourhood, however, there came a point on Sunday afternoon when DH and I were struggling to amuse the junior pioneer and realized we needed to get out of the house.

Once ensconced in the car, we decided to head east and explore the land beyond Danforth. Admittedly, I've lived in the city for 14 years and have hardly been beyond Victoria Park, other than shopping trips to the big box stores at Warden Woods or Shoppers World.

This means I have never seen the Bluffs, so we headed off on a little adventure. Using our handy dandy GPS system and a brief query to Wikipedia from the iPhone, within 15 minutes we had ended up on a winding road leading down to the water and Bluffer's Park.

What unfolded was a breathtaking vista. If you've never seen the Bluffs and live in East York, it is worth the short trip. It was a gray and windy day, but the towering cliffs looked majestic and ethereal. With the gray waves roaring onto the breakwater, I somehow felt removed from Toronto. We could have been in Dover on the southern shores of England.

I was shocked to see that there was a group of people in the water with surf boards, a sight that I didn't think I would ever be privy to in March in Toronto.

I could see that there are lots of walking trails along the water, and had I been in sensible footwear and wearing a hat, we might have continued on. However, now that I've discovered this great spot, I'm looking forward to going back when the mercury is a little higher!


  1. The Bluffs are awesome - one more great thing about living in this end of the city. Speaking of which... did anyone read Now's east vs. west stuff?

  2. It is a great place and there isn't really a bad time to go (if you are just looking!). You are right about the walking trails, but the beach is amazing by itself. I'd be aware if you are walking a dog, though, as there are often dead birds washed up.

    As for the NOW article, it was interesting, but really just another bit of advertising. Nice to see some local landmarks mentioned, hope it can get some foot traffic.

    BTW, anyone see there is a new store going in beside the new Ethiopian (old coffee shop)?