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Monday, January 11, 2010

Reading Rainbow

Now that our holiday spend-stravaganza is over, DH and I are on a mission to have low-cost but high-fun weekends with our little one. Two weekends ago, we managed to get away with spending only $6 by sticking to the neighbourhood and ignoring the lure of all the holiday sales (do I REALLY need another set of wine glasses that they are practically giving away at Benix??).

This past weekend was another success, thanks in part to a neighbourhood destination where everything is free: the library! S. Walter Stewart library is just around the corner from us and I had almost forgotten how cool it is. Did you all know that it's one of the only round libraries in Canada? And when it opened, it was one of only four round libraries in all of the world. Pretty amazing. This photo below was taken in its early days (thanks to Patricia Eastman, Library Services Manager for going above and beyond and scanning this photo for me!). You can see how different the facade looks, in comparison to the renovated appearance today.

When you have a little one interested in books, the kids area is to die for. Lots of room for a eighteen-month old to run around in. Interactive, permanent puzzles installed into the floor and walls provide plenty of free stimulation. The rocket ship puppet-show play module is a smash hit. I came upon a 2 year old named George serving dinner to his "girlfriend" and her puppets. The little pioneer was amused for hours.

DH will kill me for admitting this, but he hadn't been into a library for years and literally was transfixed by a plumbing book that he found on the shelf. He settled down with a diet coke and his book in the reading area and didn't surface for about an hour.

Free fun for all! What a great way to stay local and spend quality time with the family.

Photo courtesy of Flickr: TPLFans - S. Walter Stewart branch, East York, 2009.

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