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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year, New You

Some call it the Molson muscle, I call it the "holiday eggnog muscle". It's that gut that you get at the end of December from eating and drinking too much sugary-holiday-goodness. At the beginning of last week, I decided that I was not going to wait for January 1 to get started on a new fitness regime. In my mind, why wait? The faster I can get back into my pants, the better.

I already belong to McFitness (GoodLife) which is great for Saturday morning classes and their vast array of cardio implements, but I wanted to toss things up a bit. I hate riding my bike and thus, I hate spinning but it's one of the best indoor cardio workouts you can get, so I decided the best course of action (*obviously*) would be to sign up for a spin class.

I headed down to Legacy Indoor Cycling at 1506 Danforth to try a class last Wednesday and I actually enjoyed it. Andy, the owner, was attentive and helped to set me up with a padded seat cushion (I know, cheating!!) and adjusted my bike for me. He and the instructor both urged me to go at my own pace and in the end, I was thankful, as I made it through the class without too much pain.

When I went back for the Saturday morning class, it was a lot harder than Wednesday's. My hair was dripping and I thought my legs were on fire, but today I am already feeling the difference. I signed up for their 3-month weight loss challenge, just for fun, so now I'm accountable to someone which is great motivation. I can see it now "Danforth's Biggest Loser".....

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  1. Sarah --
    Haven't had the chance to meet you yet, but I got hooked on spinning and Legacy in September --- i've had amazing results, and am completely hooked on spinning!
    Stick with it... the workout is incredible...and the cameraderie is unmatched. It's a great healthy community to be a part of. Looking forward to meeting you sometime at spinning!
    Check out my blog at