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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dr. Linda, Medicine Woman

My spice cupboard is usually filled with a menage of various dried herbs and spices, purchased from whatever grocery store I'm at when shopping for recipes. While I love the idea of fresh herbs, I don't always have the chance to stock up on them which is terrible because fresh herbs are great for other things than just recipes. Our generation has forgotten that herbs can also be used for healing simple ailments. Instead of turning to the medicine cabinet next time I have a tummy ache or headache, I'd love to be able to pick something fresh from my garden (weather permitting) and know how to use it as a healing herb.

Thanks to our local Reskilling classes, organized and created by one of my local heroes Mary-Margaret McMahon, I too could learn to be a medicine woman. The upcoming three hour workshop on Medicinal Herbs running this Monday, January 25th will be run by Linda Rose of Black River Gate House and will teach attendees how to identify and plant useful healing herbs in your garden.

When Spring rolls around, here I come, Dr. Sarah Medicine Woman (so fitting in my role as an East End Pioneer!).

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