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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pet Project

Having a needy toddler and an equally as needy husband, I am occasionally a bit of a negligent mother to my "fur baby", an adventurous and rebellious shih-poo named Rascal who sleeps at my feet (okay, correction, on top of my feet) every night and who stole my heart the minute I met him.
Since it's the holidays, I have opted to spoil him rotten in lieu of missed play-dates at the park this past year, so my next stop on the "holiday shopping tour" will be Wag on the Danforth (1918 Danforth Ave), the best and pretty much only pet store on Danforth East.

I recently noticed that they carry super cute Hotdogs name tags, so I'll be picking one up for the little guy, customized with a skull and cross bones to match his fierce attitude.

They've also got an excellent selection of Wellness treats, which are the pooch's favourite snack (mmmm....liver and peanut butter....delectable!) and some really cute toys. What wins me over every time is the customer service and that's why I go back. The owners Ruth and Rob are dedicated to helping people and their pets and going the extra distance with a smile to boot, something you are not going to experience at Pet Smart. Oh, that, AND a wash your own dog station!

Now, if only they would start carrying rabbit food......


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