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Monday, December 14, 2009

For What It's Worth

Last week, while researching the Roxy theatre redevelopment, I had the good luck to cross paths with one of the architects who revealed that he was moving into the Danforth East neighbourhood in the new year (and incidentally right around the corner from me).

As we were chatting, he asked me whether I knew what year the houses on Danforth East were constructed in. I do happen to know the details about my own house (approx. 1918) but I can only generalize about other areas and streets. That got me thinking. I'm a land surveyor's daughter, so I know how to find the Registry Office and do a title search, but most people wouldn't have a clue about finding this information.

Ironically, the same day, I jumped over to the Toronto Archives website and lo and behold, their front page featured a link to a new section called A Guide on How To Research Your House with a picture of a building on Coxwell circa 1912.

It's a great source for someone interested in getting background on their property. Most of the research has to be done at the archives, but they are very helpful and open on weekends.

I know all about my house, now I just want to know why Springdale used to be called Poulton Street. Can anyone answer this for me?


  1. Great link, thanks Sarah.
    Houses in some pockets were built earlier. Many houses on my street were erected in 1898, whereas a house on Greenwood my friend just bought was built in 1919.
    Some old maps of Toronto, including fire insurance plans, are available online at the UofT Libraries:

  2. Thanks for the post, I enjoy your blog. I'd love to find more information on my little house. There are so many small homes in my area they must have all been built with a purpose.

  3. I did not know that Springdale was renamed from Poulson.

    I know from my property survey (dated 1969) that

    Glebemount was once called: George St.
    Queensdale was once called: Randolph Ave.

    Springdale is one south of Queensdale, so looks like they did a massive renaming in this neighbourhood.

    And from my lawyer's documents from the purchase, I seem to recall that my place on Glebemount (just south of Sammon) was built in 1923.