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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Design Find

As a new year and some new adventures in my life begin, I've started to once again turn my focus to sprucing up my quaint old east end house with some funky cool decor. I'm sure that most of you, dear readers, have walked a simliar path: getting to this point has been a labour of love as we've poured money into structural functions, insulation, electrical, doors/windows and things that you can't see. So in between that and having a baby, the house has remained for the most part, a hodge podge of random furniture and very little in the way of decor.

However, my inspiration has been rekindled anew!

On this note, I stumbled across an amazing find last night that I wanted to share.

A Toronto design company called Walloper has created these amazing Wall Stickers based on the TTC subway stops. Here is a link to the images of Danforth line:

These are great for people who are non-committal. They are literally removable stickers that can be peeled off the wall whenever you want. And they come in whatever colour and size you desire to fit your decor.

I loved the Coxwell and Greenwood ones, so I am thinking about ordering one for my living room wall. DH will hate it, but considering we have no budget for art, this is a great temporary solution!

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  1. We've got rhe large-size Coxwell one in blue in our basement. It looks really good and wasn't too difficult to put up. Highly recommended!