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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Takes the Cake

I'm having my first book club meeting tomorrow night, as I finally have a comfortable living room for people to sit in and more importantly, a place to send my daughter overnight.

I was hoping to pick-up some cute little cupcakes for everyone since there seems to be a serious love-on for cupcakes in this city right now. While I'm sure that everyone will be shouting "go to Sweet Indulgences" at Coxwell and O'Connor, I wanted to try CreARTive Cakes on Danforth. They've been open since the Spring and I love their window display, so I was hoping to try and get a taste of what they have on offer.

I've previously gone there twice, only to find the doors locked and closed in the middle of the day, so this time I thought I would be smart and call first.

My call was answered, but when questioned about whether they have cupcakes on hand, the answer was no. I could have sworn that they have cupcakes in the window but maybe I'm wrong.

So, three know the story.

I think I'll just have to settle on Sweet Bliss down on Queen. They make DIVINE but pricey cupcakes and other baked goods. Sweet Indulgences is going to have to wait!

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