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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pie in the Sky

I love food and food loves me. However, I have a shameful secret. I order Pizza Pizza delivery. It is something I've been doing on auto-pilot for years. Never mind that Magic Oven is literally a stone's throw away or that the best pizza ever is at Danforth Pizza House (according to anyway).

I usually order takeout about once every three weeks, and it's usually pizza or Thai and occasionally Indian from Gourmets on Gerrard. I recently decided to break free of the corporate pizza trance and try some local joints.

I started with Casa Di Giorgio because it's close. DH and I ordered an x-large with pepperoni, green olives and mushrooms. When it arrived, we were shocked because it was ENORMOUS. Enough for a huge family meal. Regardless, it was delicious. Nice thin crust and a perfect amount of cheese. Definitely a tad bit too salty, but that could be because of the pepperoni.

Yesterday I ordered from Free Topping pizza at Coxwell and O'Connor. The medium veg pizza was a perfect size for me for lunch and leftovers for DH's dinner. A little more doughy than the Casa Di Giorgio pizza, but not greasy at all, which is so important. They are a small chain though, so I shouldn't really compare.

A friend has recommended Amato at O'Connor and St. Clair and Columbo's of course! That will be my next "taste test".

Any suggestions?


  1. I can only doubly-suggest Columbo's. Good. Times.

  2. Venice also at St. Clair and O'Connor.
    Top Notch at Monarch Park is better than one would expect.

  3. The extra large pick-up special from Free Topping is our Friday night ritual. Hubs can get his choice on half, and I get mine on the other half. Seriously, it's the key to a happy marriage...and fiscally responsible to boot at $14.99 (was $12.99, then $13.99, but still decent value!). Feeds both of us plus Miss G. plus leftovers for one lunch. Can't beat it!

  4. Ten Feet Tall has excellent pizza. I doubt they deliver, but for dine-in or pick-up, I'd highly recommend it.

  5. I didn't know that Ten Feet Tall had pizza!!! I'll have to check it out!