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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


We have a mouse (or plural: mice) in our house. We know because we hear the little critters ripping apart the space between our basement and our kitchen. I've also seen Felix the Field Mouse sitting on my counter about to bear down on a fresh pizza sitting on the stove. If he could have, he would have given me "stink eye" for interrupting his feast.

I have the feeling that lots of my East York readers can empathize. It seems to be very common in our 'hood.

This is literally driving DH insane and thus, we have tried every conceivable over-the-counter remedy to catch our family of Mousketeers.

We recently discovered that we have a veritable pro in our midst. The people at Aetna Pest Control, located at 1828 Danforth, are recognized city-wide for their pest-fightin' skills. We shelled out a couple of hundred and one of their mouse experts came and laid down the law with some toxic mouse-nip.

I've just heard some nibbling behind my desk though, so I'm not sure that this plan is working. Any suggestions anyone??


  1. We had mice when we moved into our Danforth/Woodbine house 3 years ago. The problem was quickly solved by adopting a grey/black tabby. Haven't seen a mouse since.

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  3. Glue traps. You can get them at Canadian Tire, and very likely, the new Home Hardware on Danforth, for a few dollars. They are non-toxic and very effective. The key is to get several of them, and place them in areas you have seen mice or figure they would go. With this method, we caught one within a few days and haven't heard or seen anything since.

  4. Our glue traps USED to work. We've had evidence of mice lately (droppings, nibbled bread left out of the bread box), and set up the traps all over. Nada. I think this generation of mice has evolved...

  5. So, I thought that DH would weigh in here on the mice topic but he hasn't. We've tried glue traps, toxic poison, regular mouse traps w peanut butter and now a pro-exterminator. I definitely heard one behind my filing cabinet yesterday, but last night the ceiling in the family room was quiet. And all the poison in the ceiling was eaten. So it may be working....fingers crossed!

  6. Why not take advantage of our great local restaurants and eat out all the time, and leave your house as a no-food zone? Either that or get three cats. It works for us.

  7. DH here ...

    we have a dog and a rabbit .. I think we have enough pets in this one small home. :)

    The poison doesn't seem to work. They think it's a toy, and just push it around. But we did have double success yesterday! I purchased a Wilson Predator Snap-E mouse trap. It's a high tech version of the old mouse trap. Put some peanut butter on it, and dashed some vanilla oil around the trap (to get the buggers excited about it!)

    In less than 8 hours, 2 mice in plastic bags were removed from the house (better in the green bin, than dead in the walls)

  8. Unfortunately dead animals aren't allowed in the green bin.