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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Robbery: Sammon & Woodmount

A neighbourhood source emailed me yesterday with the news that the convenience store at Sammon and Woodmount got held up at gun point on Monday night. This is pretty scary news for everyone, particularly the home owners in the immediate vicinity.

The idea of a neighbourhood watch group was brought up and I think this is a great idea. However, in lieu of that, I think there are things that everyone can do on their own. The first is: get to know your neighbours. Talk to the old man down the street, or the old lady who lives by herself or anyone on your block really. This brings a heightened awareness of what is normal and what is not.

However, if you do see sketchy behaviour at your neighbour's house while they are on vacation, don't do anything on your own. Call 911 or call 416.808.5500 (or 5400) - the desks at 54 and 55 Division.

The crime rate is actually going down on Danforth East, thanks to the diligent work of the men in blue and to the people who live here that report suspicious activity to the police on a daily basis. The recent prostitution bust is a good sign that law enforcement is paying attention to our 'hood and realizing that we want to change it for the better!

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  1. I live across the street from this store and was shocked to see the police and the K9 Unit outside the store that night. I agree that the thing to do is to know your neighbours. I know (by sight for sure and mostly by name) everyone on my block. The problem lies outside my bubble. Aside from specific friends in specific areas, our "neighbourhood" is still pretty elite-ist. I hope with this occurrence, as unfortunate as it was, that we join together to act as a community and talk to and recognize our neighbours. I love where I live and I would love to meet people that feel the same way!