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Monday, October 19, 2009

The joint was jumpin'

On Friday night, my girls and I had a chance to raise the roof for our tri-monthly get together without our husbands. Our watering hole of choice is Taps & Tales, a really nice comfy pub on Danforth just west of Linsmore (or Linnsmore, depending on where you live, but more on that another day). There was only a handful of us this time, so rather than book the private lounge space at the back, we squeezed into their 6 person booth which was just the right size. What I love about the booths here is that they are not only comfortable, but you have the ability to adjust the lighting to your own desired brightness, right at the table. Ambiance - check!

Taps & Tales has a great microbrew menu and an average wine list, with some definite highlights such as the Dan Ackroyd Chardonnay which I have been meaning to try for months. One of my gal pals always gets the apricot beer which literally arrived at the table seconds after she pulled off her coat and sat down. This brings me to another reason I love Taps: our waitress Jasmine. For a year now, we've been haunting this place and gotten to know "Jazzy" as I call her. She's fun and friendly and once she even had a drink with us (it was late and we were rowdy). She remembers our names and my friend Jenn's choice of beer. It's like my own personal Cheers on Danforth.

Regardless, what I wanted to point out today is that this joint was jumpin' and it was so very nice to see that. The bar stools were packed, the booths were packed and the place was humming. It looked like the kitchen was super busy, but even then, our delectable nachos and Mediterranean dips plate were brought out with speedy service.

This place never disappoints. We all had such a great night. I know I will be back for more!

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  1. Taps & Tails is the best .. their lunch menu is really really good, and their beer selection is AWESOME! I once didn't know what beer I wanted, so the waitress was really good at suggesting something I never tried before. I now pick it up at the LCBO on those cold winter days.. :)