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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Flu shots and Crime Alerts

I must do my duty today, as a neighbourhood communicator, and pass on information about a couple of public services.

For those considering getting the H1N1 vaccine, the East York Civic Centre (850 Coxwell Ave) is holding a vaccination clinic TODAY for priority groups only, which includes:

 - pregnant women; children 6months to 5 years; people under 65 with chronic conditions; people who live with infants under 6 months old; immunocompromised people; and healthcare workers.

The hours are 12 - 7pm. H1N1 vaccine clinics for the general public will begin November 2nd. Check for clinic updates.

As well, after yesterday's post, one of my valued readers Berta sent me a note about the Toronto Police community alerts service. What I didn't know, but am really glad to have found out, is that you can sign up for neighbourhood alerts which will be sent right to your inbox with accurate information about recent community altercations or incidents. You can sign up here:

What Berta also revealed is that yesterday's community alert was about the Sammon and Woodmount robbery. It was not by gunpoint, as my source had originally told me, but at sword point. Apparently we are living in Narnia.....

It's also the last day for the East Lynn Park Farmers' Market. It was a great season. Looking forward to next spring already!

(image courtesy of the National Institute for Health)

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