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Friday, October 16, 2009

Call to Action

The two sweet ladies behind the counter at the Coxwell and Danforth postal outlet are always ready with a huge smile when DH and I come in to mail our weekly multitude of packages. With a home based business and relatives all over the world, we tread a beaten path to this Canada Post counter which is the only one within a huge radius that we can walk to.

This morning DH made his usual stop to mail a package before work and was stunned to find out that after 20 years in business, the outlet is closing its doors. The reason why is even more upsetting. Canada Post is insisting that they pay $12,000 to upgrade their computers, which they obviously cannot afford as small business owners. This is forcing them to shut down, essentially also shutting our community out of an essential services.

Aside from the inconvenience factor of having to drive to Woodbine and O'Connor, which is the next nearest CP location, this will have a serious impact on neighbourhood revitalization and quality of life within Danforth East, particularly for seniors who have been visiting this branch since 1989.

I don't want to get up on a soapbox, but the facts are the facts. When a community has essential services within walking distance, it stays vibrant, increases safety and walkability and contributes to quality of life for its residents.

Over the past five to ten years, Danforth East has undergone a quiet revolution of urban renewal. We have a new-ish BIA, a residents association (DECA), two farmers' markets, school improvements, a brand new library (S. Walter Stewart), a multitude of new businesses that have moved to the neighbourhood and hundreds of young families that use this post office on a regular basis. By creating another vacant store front, we're taking two steps backwards, rather than moving forward.

Let's show some community spirit. If you want to save this post office, please call Jack Layton's office (416-405-8914) and Maria Minna's office (416-467-0860) and show your concern. These are the types of things that our MPs are here for.


  1. Oh dear! Not another one lost.

    The Canada Post outlet located in De Arts, the photo shop at Coxwell and Gerrard, closed this year too. They switched to private parcel post because it was more cost-efficient.

    We're in the same pickle - no walkable outlets.

  2. This really got under my skin. Canada post is making them upgrade this 1 computer system. 12,000$ !? What century do they live in? 12,000$ can buy you enough computers to fill the entire store with servers! What a waste ...