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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Retail Detail

Inspired by my amazing street sale purchase (a full set of wicker lawn furniture for $75), I started thinking about other bargains that may abound on Danforth. Although it's not know to be the greatest shopping destination, there is much to discover outside of the world of perishable goods.

Here are two bargains I found, while walking the strip:

The dollar store beside TD Bank just east of Shoppers has the cutest Go Green shopping bags (pictured) for only $1.99. Way nicer looking than the PC shopping bags but much cheaper than other "designer" sacks from trendy shops in Greektown.

And for home decor style mavens: Don't let the name fool you. If you look below the eye-level window display at the nondescript store called Bonfanti Jewellry (1896 Danforth), you will see they have a gorgeous set of Royal Doulton china at 80% off (pictured). $211 for a 23 piece set is a ridiculous bargain. Mix this up with some colourful modern or vintage platters and serving bowls on a display shelf and you'll have a stunning vignette people will ogle over. I personally picked up a Bunnykins bowl and plate set for a very reasonable price.

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