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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Coffee Time (again)...

Coffee is one of my little luxuries - I could make it at home, but I'd much rather head out and savour an Americano from one of our neighbourhood joints. I'm a regular at Last Drop and Three's Company Too where all the gals behind the counter know what I want.

I was headed out to a meeting just east of Woodbine today so I decided to grab a java enroute. While everyone knows that Seb's (1928 Danforth) makes the finest cappuccino around for only $2.25, I had never tried True Brew, the small coffee shop on the north side of Danforth just east of Woodbine, so off I went.

Although the decor was cozy and they have free wireless (yippee!) I was shocked to find out that my measly double shot Americano was $3.39, the most expensive in the area. I almost asked if they meant $2.39, but decided against it. Even Starbucks only charges around $2.50, so I don't quite understand this phenomenon. While regular coffee is priced competitively and they have sandwiches that also seem reasonable, their espresso based drinks are astronomically priced.

So, while the free wireless and the pungent and wholesome aroma of corn chowder simmering on the back burner were reasons to stay for lunch, I wouldn't go back for a coffee. I'll let you decide!

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  1. It's my wife and my morning coffee haunt. Though I've never had any of their fancier coffees, their muffins are out of this world and well worth it.