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Friday, September 4, 2009

Best Deal Ever

My husband drives a 9 year old Honda Accord that is in relatively good condition solely because he is diligent about his oil changes and maintenance. This week, the odometer flagged us that it was time for another oil change so instead of heading to his backstreet mechanic in Markham, DH decided to give someone local a try (yay, he's finally getting into the spirit!).

He decided that the obvious choice would be to give Toronto Honda a chance. About half an hour in, I get an excited phone call: Because he is a first time customer, the oil change was FREE. Totally free, which is just about as close to heaven for the husband as he can get.

I emailed the owner Jordan Ison who clarified that this is true. First time customers to Toronto Honda who drive a Honda or Acura vehicle, will get a free oil change. With inclimate weather quickly approaching (I know, I know - don't remind us!), this is a great excuse to do your maintenance now before it's too late. Who can say no to a great deal like this?

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