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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thai One On

There is not quite the profusion of Thai restaurants on Danforth East as you might find in other areas of Toronto, however, we do have some gems. Thai on Danforth has the fastest delivery around and a great lunch special to boot. Jean's Vegetarian is literally award winning and those living east of Woodbine sing the praises of Basil Thai Kitchen and their aromatic dishes.

As I was moseying down Danforth near Linsmore this past weekend, I was astonished to see a new Thai restaurant taking shape at 1266 Danforth right next to Jean's. The sign says the name will be Red Chilli Thai Restaurant - what I'm sure will be a welcome additon to the block. With a profusion of new restaurants opening on this stretch and noticeable improvements on behalf of existing businesses (anyone notice Sidewalk Cafe getting a facelift?!), looks like Danforth East is slowly regaining some of its former glory.

I peaked in the window of Red Chilli as the windows were uncovered and saw that it's still being pulled together, but holds the promise of being a warm and inviting place. Wicker tables and chairs and cozy decor can only go so far however. The food will have to withstand the test of local residents well versed in Thai cuisine!

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  1. I was wondering if they are open yet, I would like to try their food