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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

An Ode To Danforth

Earlier this year, I happened across an East York literary cameo in Vincent Lam's book Bloodletting and Miracle Cures. It turns out that we are also rap stars. Toronto rapper Abdominal has a secret crush on Danforth. You can see here, at about 2:40, a cameo appearance of neighbourhood store Comics & More in his video called T-Ode.

On that note, I decided to make a visit to said establishment and see just why people love this quiet, non-obtrusive comic store wedged between Greenwood/Danforth and Little Ethiopia.

What I discovered is that Comics & More not only has graphic novels (the politically correct grown-up term for comics) but also stocks books on art and drawing, board games, travel games, posters, action figures and other interesting items.

Owner/manager Rob, who is literally the comic book guy from the Simpsons (minus the attitude and the greasy ponytail), has been supplying fans across Toronto for nearly 20 years. He's super smart about comics (check out his blog) and fun to talk to. I wouldn't say that the store is a rival to the Silver Snail on Queen, which is larger and WAY more intense. It's laid back, in an east end kind of way, which is why I like it.

I had my eye on the $1 comic bins, a collection of vintage comics in a variety of themes - a great source for fun pop-art framed on the wall of a kids room. So you see, there is something for everyone, not just the comic-con crowd!


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  2. I've made a slight change to the post, to reflect reader feedback!