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Monday, August 10, 2009

Million dollar smile

A few years ago, a revolution took place. Not the type of revolution that would usually come to mind. This revolution involves teeth.....clean teeth. Someone, somewhere dreamed of a world where dental hygiene and dentists don't have to be BFF's.

The love child of this so-called divorce is Impressions The Dental Hygiene Spa on Danforth - the very first dental hygiene spa in Toronto (and perhaps Canada).

The reason I'm waxing poetic about dental treatments is because they have just celebrated their first anniversary. Pretty exceptional for a new business on Danforth. Apparently, they've been packed since day one. For me, the draw was the complimentary spa treatments I got while I was getting a cleaning - the paraffin wax hand treatment was divine.

There are some great deals to be had as part of their 1 year celebration, in particular a FULL tube of toothpaste if you book an examination in August or September.

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