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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Enfant francaise, s'il vous plait!

J'adore francaise....but it is très mal that I know so very little of it. That is why I have sworn up and down that I will teach my kids French, as tiny members of a bilingual country. Being a new mom on Danforth East, I have realized that this is a sentiment that many of us moms share. That is why I was delighted to hear about a free musical theatre performance at S. Walter Stewart library this Thursday afternoon.

The performer is Grace Morrison and the entire show will be in French - it sounds like it is geared towards older kids, but I don't think its too early to let the little ones soak up the sounds of the continent via passive observation.

The show is from 2:00 - 3:00. For more information and/or registration, you can call the branch at 416-396-3975, s'il vous plait!

And here is a map to the library, thanks to this new handy dandy application called Google Web Elements:

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  1. Ella Minnow in the Beach has a french circle time on Fridays and Red Tent Sisters has a french circle time on wen. starting in the fall. Also Ontario Early Years has a french location at Le petit chaperon rouge on wen but it's closed for the summer.