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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Danforth East gets its own Lalibela

For many years, I have heard my hipster Annex friends rave about the Ethiopian joint called Lalibela on Bloor ( Chowhounders pontificate on whether it is, infact, the best Ethiopian in the city.

Here on Danforth East, we have many an Ethiopian joint to choose from: Rendevous, Djerba, etc. so one would think that we've reached critical mass. However, my heart leapt with joy yesterday when I saw a new sign had gone up at what was once Tiny Thai Kitchen. It read Lalibela Restaurant and Opening Soon. Could this be a branch of the original Lalibela? I crossed my fingers and tried the door, as I couldn't resist doing some culinary sleuthing.

Luckily it was open and I had a chance to talk to Asres, the manager, who confirmed that yes indeed, this restaurant is being launched by the very same people who run Lalibela on Bloor. They are hoping to open next Thursday. Although the restaurant was in shambles, I noticed some very very comfortable banquette seating being assembled - already a step up from Rendevous' cafe tables. I can't wait to try it out....will their injera be as delicious as everyone says it is?

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  1. Good stuff Sarah but Djerba is actually Tunisian. Its terrific and well worth a look.