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Monday, June 29, 2009

The Strike....

I could only go so long without commenting on the strike. I was trying to carry on as usual, however, I've just found out that the Danforth Mosaic BIA Jazz in the Park slated to start tomorrow has unceremoniously had their permit revoked and are now scrambling to find another location to house the big opening event. I will keep everyone posted.

I'd like to hear your stories. How is the strike affecting Danforth East and its residents/businesses? Can we keep Monarch Park a secret from David Miller and his garbage dump trolls or will our hockey rink be a phase three dump site? (hate the fact that Taylor Creek is being wrecked!!!)

Commenting is open on this blog (for now) so keep it clean!


  1. Well I refuse to take my garbage to any park, period. What a shameful thing for the city to do. They should seek a court injunction to prevent picketers from causing undue delays at transfer stations for residents trying to dispose of their garbage. I personally am lucky. A family member has a business on the Danforth and they have private garbage pick-up, so we took our trash their yesterday.

  2. This strike is really annoying. My parents are visiting in late July and we're really hoping the strike is over by then. They already think we're crazy enough for living here after a visit in winter :oP.

  3. Great news! We at the Danforth Mosaic BIA are now back to the Coxwell Parkette just in time for our July 1st opening show.

    We hope to celebrate a wonderful Canada day with all of you.