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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dr. Demolition!

Through a fortuitous meeting last week, I happened to find out that O'Connor Brothers Funeral Parlour located at 1871 Danforth is slated for a demolition in the very near future.

Good news for Danforth residents, because it was becoming a bit of an eyesore.

I was hoping that they would be building a two story book store or a rep. cinema but alas, another morose building will be erected that will be of little or no use to me.

It's on good word that the developers are planning on building a medical building on the site. The clinic will be a Family Health Team building - in government speak that means:  a Ministry funded initiative designed to improve patient access to complementary primary care services. My translation is that this means there will be lots of medical services for all. The bad news: There won't be a walk-in clinic. Boohoo! Albany Medical Centre is still the only one within a reasonable distance.

The good side of this is that the preliminary architect renderings of the site are gorgeous. The building will be modern and although it will stick out amongst the 1940's era facades,  it will be a boost to the "face" of Danforth East.

Does anyone else find it funny that a funeral parlour is turning into medical centre???


  1. Well, it's kind of odd that an existing building is being torn down to be replaced by another when there are two big empty lots closeby (where Cheers used to be, and the lot across from DeSerres). I've been hoping something (anything!) gets built on those lots because they're quite an eyesore.

  2. That's good news that the architectural plans are interesting. Thoughtful design can have a positive effect on an area which needs a shot in the arm. Hopefully when new buildings go up in the empty lots, they also put some thought into the design. Thanks for the scoop, Sarah.