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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sun Salutations

As swimsuit season approaches and Monarch Park pool gets sparkly clean for all the bathing beauties, many of us are thinking about ways to look good in our suits. With perfect timing, I just found out about two new ways that we Danforth East-ers can get in shape:

Trade in some sun worship for some sun salutations, to get those gams toned and ready for the season. Yoga enthusiasts can join the 2009 edition of Passport to Prana, an amazing yoga program that for $30 let's you try one free class at over 50 participating yoga studios. There are four within shouting distance of Danforth East: Bikram Yoga Beaches, Change Studio, Moksha Yoga Danforth and The Yoga Sanctuary. If you go to one class at each studio, that works out to be $7.50 a class - half of the usual cost!! More info and studio addresses here:

When I last posted about Legacy Spinning Studio on Danforth, way back in April, they hadn't opened yet. They're in full swing now and offering not only spin classes, but personal training, running groups (yay, I'm in for this one!) and golf lessons. If you want to try it, there are free classes for the rest of May for any new participants. The coolest feature about Legacy is their promise to people who become paid members: the more weight you lose, the bigger the discount on your next round of services. According to owner and Danforth East resident Andy, the first member signed up three weeks ago and has already lost 11 lbs. Their website has a listing of all the classes.

Happy sweating everyone!


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