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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I love coffee, I love tea...

The java jive is heating up on Danforth, now that "the coffee shop formerly known as Niche" has reopened as Three's Company, Too!!! (yes, they officially have three exclamation marks - that is not me being overzealous about my cuppa-cuppa). They've finally put up their new signage in the front window and it looks great.

Judging from a quick poll of people I know who loved it as Niche and love it even more as Three's Company - Too, their baked goods and lunch menu is hands down better than anything that "the coffee chain who cannot be named" offers. The front runners on delicious items to indulge in are the Espresso Brownie and the Cranberry White Chocolate cookies. Heaven!

Owners Terri and Carolyn are also launching an ice cream bar - yippee - which is just moments away from being in service.

Niche is located at 1364 Danforth. Here's their site for more info.

And as a special bonus, I will give a $10 gift card for Niche to the first person who emails me the name of the group that sang the song I'm referencing in the title of this post....

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