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Thursday, May 7, 2009

DIY- OD: Do It Yourself On Danforth

Being one of those young and 'house poor' couples that everyone talks about, my husband and I take DIY-ing seriously - even when it comes to home decor. I've made countless visits to Foamite, the foam store on Danforth, and haunted the front steps of Deserres incessently, so I was more than relieved to see that the forlorn framing shop that once sat at 1374 Danforth is being renovated and turned into a mosaic workshop called Mosaic Beach Studio.

A transplant from Gerrard Street E., Mosaic Beach Studio has a loyal following, as I actually know a few people who have taken classes there. What I could garner from the brochure is that they will be offering classes in a variety of mosaic projects from beginner to advanced, but my favourite part is that they have the expertise to do things like design custom backsplashes for kitchens (*ahem* like mine). Or, I guess I could learn how to DIY it.....!

Grand opening is on June 2nd. Check their website for more details!

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