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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Best Laid Plants

What I've noticed about Danforth East homeowners is that although their little plots of land are small (for the most part), they take immense pride in keeping their front lawns and gardens neat and tidy. This past weekend, many families could be seen prancing amongst the tulips with trowels and other gardening implements, getting their yards ready for planting.

Making a trip to the Depot's garden centre is always fun, or you could hob nob with the rich and famous at Sheridan nurseries but then you would be missing out on the Beach Garden Society's annual plant sale, which is happening with impeccable timing this Saturday (May 16).

Because they are a garden society, I am betting that the selection of plants will be much nicer than you might find at the Depot and probably a bit cheaper than Sheridan. They are promising a huge selection of exceptional perennials.

The sale is happening from 9 - 11:30 at 79 Lawlor Avenue, which is south of Danforth and west of Vic Park. More info here!

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