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Monday, May 11, 2009

50 Reasons To Love Danforth East - The List

Get ready, this is going to be a long post! Thank you to everyone who answered the call for reasons to love Danforth East. This list is actually 51 - I couldn't keep it down to 50. And there are way more things to add, but I'll save that for the next list.

So here we are, 51 Reasons To Love Danforth East:

1. The people
2. Easy transit access
3. We're Starbucks free
4. East Lynn Park
5. DeSerres
6. It's only 4km to the Beach
7. Wash your own dog at WAG on Danforth
8. Hormone free meat at Fresh from the Farm
9. Canoli from North Pole Bakery
10. The Monarch Park Pool
11. Stroller parking at Small World Cafe
12. $3 sandwiches at Plank Road Market
13. Beef Kebabs from Jerry's Supermarket
14. Toronto East General
15. Cappuccino at Seb's
16. The trails at Taylor Creek Park
17. Eating with your hands at Rendevous Cafe
18. Houses with character
19. East Lynn park farmers market
20. Spring tuneups from the helpful staff at Cyclepath
21. Post-hangover eggs at the Bus Terminal
22. 2 for 1 Mussels and microbrew pints at Sarah's
23. Atleast the mountains of snow are fun for kids
24. Value Village kids section
25. S. Walter Stewart Library
26. John's Train & Hobby store at Woodbine
27. Waffles with strawberries, raspberries and whipped cream at the Sunset Grill
28. The Danforth East Community Association
29. We're home to the Obama cafe
30. Great elementary schools like Earl Beatty
31. Peak Freans Cookie Outlet on O'Connor
32. Pegasus Studio for Pilates and Kindermusik
33. Kimbourne and Roden Drop-in centres for kids
34. The Foam Store - a valuable resource for DIYers
35. Custom picture frames at Ciraco
36. Tasty old-school pizzas from Gerrard Spaghetti
37. The lush greenery and peacefulness of Merrill Bridge Park Ravine
38. Chicken wings at Taps & Tales
39. Peaceful, endless streets for long, dog walks
40. Open mic night at Renaissance Cafe
41. Front porch socializing
42. Bob the Sweet Potato Guy at East York Farmer's Market
43. Quality cuts from Royal Beef
44. Sweet potato fries at Ten Feet Tall
45. Comic geniuses at Comics & More
46. The cultural, religious and socio-economic diversity
47. The Tandoori Wrap at Melanie's Bistro
48. We're within walking distance of 'the Carrot'
49. Super fast delivery from Lee Thai Spring Roll
50. Katie's Cakes on O'Connor
51. Last but not least - The warm smiles from Paula and Marie at Last Drop Cafe


  1. What a fantastic list! So I'm not the only one who gets Thai food delivered in 10 minutes! The secret is out.

  2. That is a pretty sweet list. I feel like we could keep going: the salsa at El Sol... the Skor brownies at Three's Company Too... garage sale season...

  3. Unfortunately, the Renaissance is closing soon :-(

  4. Here's another one for the list: Nutrilicious at woodbine and oconnor. Great cooking and amazing variety.

  5. The Eco Laundry Room & Guru Coffee located at 2741 Danforth Avenue, close to Main Street. Check it out!