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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Espresso Bar Opening Monday

After tips from two readers about a mysterious coffee shop in the works, I decided to investigate yesterday.

What I found out is: Double Shots is a new espresso bar opening at 1832 Danforth (next to Aetna). The co-owner Sam came out to chat - could have been because I was suspiciously lurking and snapping photos in the pouring rain.

The pencil behind his ear and painting scrubs indicated that it looks like they're still cleaning up the joint, but he did mention that they're hoping to open Monday, April 27th.

I forgot to ask what they'll be offering other than delicious, caffeinated treats, but we'll all find out next week.

Disclaimer: I have to mention that I think Seb's makes the best cappuccino on Danforth. If you haven't tried it, don't be afraid of the large crowd of smoking men out front. It's worth a visit!

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  1. I noticed this espresso bar on great to see new businesses opening up in the area. I also wanted to mention that there's a new ice cream shop opening in our building (on Woodmount at Danforth)...they're expecting to open soon and I think it's also a much needed hot spot, especially as summer approaches. :)