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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chicken a la Danforth

The pickings are slim here on Danforth East, when looking for a romantic evening dinner destination or a tasty lunch on a patio. Beyond the standard favourites however, (Ten Feet Tall, Relish, Melanie's), there are a number of ethnic gems that need to be tried.

Here is a link to eye weekly's review of Walima (1450 Danforth) - the mysterious Moroccan restaurant next to El Sol that seems to be closed most of the time. I was going to review the resto myself, living just up the street from it, so this was a timely discovery and probably more succint than I would have been (having never actually reviewed a restaurant before).

There is actually a second Moroccan restaurant down the street, which may not be as fancy, but certainly has some divine chicken tajine. It's called Marakkesh and when two of my girlfriends and I went for lunch, we payed less than $40 (including tax and tip) for three massive meals. The tajine was probably one of the nicest meals I've ever had in a restaurant and although the soup had little bits of cut up store bought spaghetti in it, the spicy bean broth was delicious and perfect for a cold winters day.

I don't know the address of Marakkesh, but it's between Monarch Park and Linsmore on the north side, if you're interested!


  1. I've heard really good things about Walima. Hopefully they will open more often ;o).

    Taps and Tales (just west of Greenwood station) has some pretty good food too, but they're waiting on some city approval to open the patio. If you like beer, they have a pretty good selection.

  2. Quattro Ragazze is a very good Italian restaurant on the north side of Danforth, close to Glebemount. Carmelo does many authentic and very tasty Italian/Sicilian dishes, and I highly recommend it. Very good prices too.

  3. Djerba La Douce has awesome Tunisian, but service is slow. They are just west of Coxwell. Our favourite Ethiopian resto is Dukem, just west of Donlands.

  4. Oh! I totally forgot about Quattro Regazze. I've actually always wanted to try it. It might be in the cards for this weekend!

  5. Lee's Thai Spring Roll is great. And while it's not a full restaurant, the food at Three's Company Too (formerly Niche) is excellent. I especially recommend the ham-brie panini (and the lemon squares and the peanut butter brownies and the giant double chocolate cookies and...)